Al Mukhtar Bakery Case Study: Increased traffic in Social Media by 500%

You may have a great product and awesome customer service, so why do you need to advertise?
The major challenge among our clients is to reach out to their audience. As there are more than 12 million Online Ordering platforms and the number is growing daily. On average, 78% of Internet users conduct product research online.


1. Product awareness among existing customers;
2. Reach out and grow a new audience;
3. Know the audience through engagement;
4. Increase sales for walk-in and online;
5. Grow the number of followers;

Target market:
Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.

Target Audience:
Old and new generation, all income range thanks to fair prices and great variety of products.


1.Rebranding of Instagram Page:
– Update the bio
– Rename from “Al Mukhtar Bakery” to ” Al Mukhtar Bakery & Cafe”
– Revamp complete look and feel of posts.

2. Get organic followers through Growth hacks:
– Ran through the followers in competitors accounts or accounts similar to yours, Facebook groups, Facebook pages and engage with them: like/comment their posts and send them a direct message;
– Create informative, vivid, and engaging content;
– Add Arabic text to each content;
– Optimize Facebook page for easy navigation and search;
– Publish more often, including stories;
– Publish more interractive content: polls, votes, games;
– Paid targeted advertising;


Since December 13, 2020 the following work has been done on the project:

Total redesign of the Instagram news feed to more visually appealing that increased reach and engagement and brought new followers;

Complete change of the content strategy to showcase the products and have more engagement with existing and potential customers. Specific content for 13+ audience;

Arabic as the main language of communication, based on TA analysis & conversion;

Change of the account activity from monthly to daily;

I hope this gives you insights for your project.
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