Customized Fruit Cake online ordering made easy!

This week we had a soft launch of a new eCommerce website for customized fruit cakes in United Arab Emirates –

This website is unique, because it combines: elegant look, easy navigation, real time price calculation and extras! All the details were thoughts of.
And i’d like to take this moment and thank the Fruitcake team for the trust and rating us on !

Customized Fruitcake

Easy online ordering of cake: step-by-step

– You land on a page and click ” Build a Cake”
– Then you select a flavor
– Choose a shape and size. You can even select a letter shape or numeric!
– Then you select toppings and fruits
– If you want a print – you can upload your image
– Need a card? offers you three options: Congratulations, Happy Birthday and Compliments
– Write a message for the card.
– Add candles to your order
– Missing plates, tissues, cutlery, and a case lifter? You can add these too.

Live price calculation:

No more waiting for estimation from the staff. 
You can see the price in real-time, as you’re creating your cake.

live cart

Special Features:

– Platform allows to Create a new customized cake within the same order
– You can replicate the same cake in one click if you need several same cakes
– Switch on a reminder for the next year: 5 days ahead the system will e-mail you and remind you to order a cake for your special occasion. 
– Log in to your account and repeat the order
– Send a Cake anonymously
– Send a Cake to a friend
– Drop pin on Google Maps at Checkout,  for accurate delivery location

In the backend we built:

– Fully customized CMS, that fits the business needs of : update content, delivery charges, images, contact details, prices, home page carousel
– orders are accepted for the next day’s delivery.
– Staff can place orders for Customers
– Order management 
– Integrated with Delivery management system called “Tookan”
– Coupon module (Create coupons: for the first order or Festive seasons)
– Reports (sales report per day, per customer with order details and delivery date)

Why this platform became so successful?

Because they started their digital marketing through Instagram  and Facebook  way before they launched the website. team warmed up their audience so well, that without any additional spending on advertising, they started to sell online from day 1!

I hope these tips will help you to have a great start of your online store. In case you need some more insights - connect with me on LinkedIn.
Yuliia Shyn
Sales Team Mentor at ITFAQ Global