How Food Producers can enable Online Sales channel?

Since end of 2018 I started to meet Business owners of large Food manufacturing factories that want to start serving the end users. And not only that, but also to allow Corporate clients to place orders online. 
I tried to communicate about this rising demand to different factories and majority were sceptic about this idea.
Today, due to COVID-19, people get back to me. Let me explain you why and share a Use case of the Halal Meat Marketplace we build for Al Mawashi – 

Why would a factory start selling to B2B and B2C online?

-Faster Account registration for Businesses.
-Online approval of Account and Credit limit.
-Salespeople can serve more customers
-Speed up operations: create invoice online, assign drivers, schedule deliveries, track order status etc.
-Increase your outreach with digital marketing
-Well-planned delivery rules and logistics, increase income through B2C channel
– Automated marketing and instant access to sales reports in real-time

About Al Mawashi Hala Meat Marketplace:

The marketplace is available in web and mobile platforms, now active in two countries: UAE and Kuwait.

You can download mobile app in Google Playstore and AppleStore


– Platform is available in two languages: English and Arabic.
– Multicurrency
– Different tax
– Different business logic for each country
– Corporate clients can upload documents upon registration and apply for Credit limit.
– Each Corporate client can have special prices set by Sales team in the Admin Backend
– Recipes blog (as Al Mawashi have their own Cook book!)

In the backend we built:

– Fully customized CRM, that fits business processes of Al Mawashi in each country
– Production module, which includes different cuts, measurements, bar codes and packaging for each country
– Delivery management module with Driver’s app access
– Call Center module
– Inventory management 
– POS (Point of Sales) for butcheries
– Vendor management 
– Order management
– Content management system (CMS) for both: web and mobile apps
– Notification management (to create and schedule push notifications for mobile app users)
– Loyalty program (for individual users)
– Donations module (You can purchase Lamb carcass as a donation)

Why this platform became so successful?

Firstly, Livestock Transport and Trading Company (Almawashi) already built its name in the market. It was established in 1973 and known for the highest quality and wide range of halal meat.

Secondly, they digitalize the operations process and unite the necessary modules under one single Admin Panel (of course, with different Users roles and rights).

Then, AL Mawashi chose AWS as a hosting – which provides high availability and performance for the app.

And of course, they are working on marketing to acquire new users and keep existing users active!

I hope these tips will help you to have a great start of your online store. In case you need some more insights - connect with me on LinkedIn.
Yuliia Shyn
Sales Team Mentor at ITFAQ Global