Ouijob - a New Career Coaching tool, to stand out in the Job Market

It was a pleasure to collaborate with Djamel Mahiaoui to develop the mobile app for the career coaching platform.

The job-hunting process is complicated and tiring, especially now during COVID-19. Ouijob team came up with the idea to create a simple and easy to use career coaching tool during the lockdown – www.ouijobapp.com

The mobile app helps each person to develop the necessary skills and stand out in the job market.
Using expertise in UI and UX design, our programming team built a user-friendly mobile app on native technologies for iOS and Android platforms.

On top of that, we developed an Admin Backend so that the Ouijob team can provide support to their users, regularly update content, and track the statistics.

Stay tuned!
The app will be available soon on AppStore and GooglePlay Store!

I hope this gives you insights for your project.
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Clément Chevé | LinkedIn

Digital Consultant at ITFAQ Global

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