ITFAQ Systems & Softwares Trading LLC Receives First Review

ITFAQ Systems & Softwares Trading LLC is stacked with software development professionals with vast experience with governmental entities and private companies, assisting SMBE and large enterprises alike. We specialize in web and mobile applications for businesses in e-commerce, m-commerce, loyalty programs, ERP, CRM, and business intelligence. All of our development is done in-house and we have all the required specialists to provide excellent customer service and project management. During development we embed the customer into our development team, so the customer will have contact updates about the progress and have full transparency.

Our clients and providing them with the best services possible are important to us which is why we created a profile on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform. In fact, we just received our first review on our profile! An excerpt from the review, along with a project summary:

“They prioritized customer satisfaction and made helpful suggestions."


Our team developed an e-commerce site for an online cake shop. We built the site from scratch, implementing tools like a delivery management app and payment gateway. The level of service and the quality of the final deliverable were both outstanding, matching the client’s expectations. We remained communicative and dedicated, ensuring the project and client got the effort and care required for a successful engagement.

As the use of mobile and web apps rise, your business’s digital presence becomes even more important. The biggest challenge facing organizations is how they can keep up in the digital world. The best way is to continuously develop up-to-date software that allows your organization to maintain an impactful digital presence. 

To assist you in your search for a partner, The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site helps users connect with leading firms. The Manifest compiled a list of the top software development companies in the United Arab Emirates. Users can browse descriptions, feedback, and awards to find which can best suit your company’s needs.
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