Smart Fleet Management with IOT

Today, accessing the Internet from our smartphones makes any system more accessible and flexible to meet the needs of a business.
Driven by new technologies and the need to improve performance, the digital transformation accelerated the transition of the transportation industry to mobility.

Originally developed for transport and logistics companies, fleet management solutions with geolocation optimize its resources and reduce its carbon footprint by optimizing the root and schedule.

Imagine, today, with IoT (Internet Of Things) technology combined with a mobile application you can have:

 – Car sharing: share access to different vehicles from one device;

– Dashboard for real-time monitoring of vehicle maintenance with automatic reminders and alerts;

– Route optimization with recommendations and the possibility of traffic: for drivers and other employees making the same route;

– Proposals for multimodal transport alternatives with a reward system for employees with the lowest carbon footprint;

– Monitor system of misuse of the vehicle such as hard braking, speeding etc.;

– Access to drivers’ road assistance for immediate reaction in case of an emergency.

Besides, you can:

– Monitor your cargo state in real-time: temperature, position;

– Monitor a load of vehicles;

– Get a more accurate ETA.

Edouard Dezellus
Consultant at ITFAQ Global

Edouard Dezellus
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