Top 10 Startup Trends!

Starting something new is always hard. Starting up these days is even harder.
We gathered all the latest startup trends, so you could find your way to make an impact. Let’s jump right in.

1. Robotic Delivery
Considered as an expensive and complicated process previously, robotic delivery is taking its toll now. More companies are using robots and autonomous vehicles to deliver household and food orders to customers.
Curious how it works? Take a look at the Meituan Dianping delivery application that’s been on since 2020.

2. Regenerative Agriculture
Regenerative agriculture is another trend to pay attention to. In attempts to track and reverse humans’ impact on the environment, sustainable farming enthusiasts merge their forces with technologies. As a result, we can see a growing number of soil sensors for measuring respiration and aeration, cattle tracking and monitoring devices and applications (Antelliq), and much more.

3. Virtual Healthcare
Studies have shown that about 80% of prime healthcare services can be delivered virtually. According to the same studies, the number of people obtaining telehealth consultations has doubled since COVID-19. Hence, numerous public and private healthcare practices, including Teladoc are implementing virtual healthcare services and succeeding in it.

4. Big Data
With the world going digital, more data and information needs to be processed and analyzed. But not only that: results should be implemented to the business (and its growth), accordingly.
Data quality engineering (Bigeye), inter-operational data, market trends, customer data, cost-effectiveness, business process optimization, predictive analytics - there’ll always be room for you over traditional analytics tools and software.

5. Voice Recognition Technology
Voice Recognition Technology has been around for a while, and guess what? It's not limited to Alexa or Siri (surprise). There are numerous opportunities to explore voice technology in education, business services (, field service, agriculture, manufacturing (Picovoice), and healthcare sectors.

6. Remote Work
Remote workers remain more productive and happier than commuters, proved. Plus, they remain healthier, considering the events of the past couple of years. Hence, outstaffing, time and productivity tracking technologies, virtual offices and coworking spaces have become a growing trend for startups.

7. Edge Computing
Edge Computing is still one of the least explored technologies. Associated often with the IoT (Internet of Things), its concept still lies within the area of physical computers and smart devices “placed” in a centralized cloud environment. Some of the trending IoT startups include Hologram, Bastille, and EVRYTHNG.

8. No-Code Platforms
No-code platforms such as Wix, Zapier, Bubble let users create ‘low code’ or no-code drag and drop websites and custom applications without having any specific tech knowledge. Thus, it’s become a fast and easy way out for many entrepreneurs to move their businesses online. For instance, Makerpad has witnessed enormous success as a community and tutorial platform for business owners who attempt to build apps without code.

9. Personalized Products or Services
Providing personalized services or products can increase your sales by 10%. All you need is to find the right niche (and some extra budget). Then, you’ll be able to amuse your customers as ‘Nike By You’ did. Image projection, augmented reality, AI just to demonstrate to the customers the looks of new shoes and the production process.

10. Online Education
Language apps, virtual tutoring, video conferencing tools, online learning software, - want it or not, online education is the future. There’ll always be people willing to learn and those willing to share their skills and knowledge.

I hope this gives you insights for your project.
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