UI and UX trends in 2020 / 2021

Not a news that since COVID-19 lockdown that online traffic jumped crazily high all around the world. Everyone had to enable its digital presence to continue the business. 

During pandemic, our Graphic design team has worked on many eCommerce and Marketplace projects and I wanted to share our knowledge of best practices in UI and UX design in 2020/2021.


UI UX design

Before we jump into trends, let’s clarify: what’s the different between UI designer and UX designer? 

UI designer focuses on the look while the UX designer focuses on the functionality of a site.

UX designer helps users attain their goals while UI designer provides guidelines towards meeting the goals.

UI designer works first, then UI designer follows.

UX Design: Understanding the Basic Difference Between Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes.

  • Wireframe – What appears like a boring assembly of grey boxes is wireframe, a rough representation of the app design. It forms the backbone of app design but is characterised by low fidelity
  • Mockup – A mock-up is a medium to high fidelity, static representation of the app design which is not clickable.
  • Prototype – The main aim of the prototype is to showcase UI interactions between the app product and user.
wireframes, mockup, prototype

Design Trends in

I hope these tips will help you to have a great start of your website or mobile app. In case you need some more insights - connect with me on LinkedIn.
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Lead Graphic Designer – Creative Team Lead