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Business Excellence Awards
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Business story

We developed a special portal to help The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai honor the winners of the annual Business Excellence Awards, which includes the Dubai Quality Award (DQA), Dubai Human Development Award (DHDA) and the Dubai Business Excellence Scheme (DSES). Eligible companies can apply from the platform for each category.

Developed features

  • Admin logs in and reviews the application.
  • Rejected? System notifies the applicant via email.
  • Approved? System allocates the application to assessment teams.
  • A user enters a valid username and password: if credentials are correct, the user will be allowed to access the system.
  • Upon login, the system loads a dashboard that graphically displays the progress of applicants, assessors and jury members.
  • System identifies the user as DQA or DHDA user based on their information.
  • Application approvals, scoring entries management, and other tasks assigned to a particular user.
  • The screen includes a chat module where users can communicate internally.
  • After the winners of each award are selected, all the scores and feedback is gathered from the jury and assessors to generate a feedback report that the system sends to all applicants.


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