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Business story

A car passionate wanted to launch a free application able to scan and recognize any car and give people a maximum of information about the vehicle, including name, brand, released year, as well as technical details.

Challenge : Combine information of two external databases instantly in one same form


After setting up a user-friendly design and interface, we integrated What’s this Car with external car information databases - CARNET.AI and CAR2DB - using APIs. CARNET.AI is a car image bank of 3219 models across 227 brands, and CAR2Db is a catalog gathering technical information such as performance of engine, transmission, size and weight.
Through the app, users can take a picture of anycar in the street, and it will connect to the 2 databases, instantly mapping information in a unique form, and give the accurate information about the car. The app is also providing suggestions with other users’ photos.

Developed features

  • Basic Dashboard with daily sales statistics and number of customer
  • Enhanced Dashboard with graphs for transactions performance
  • Content management system
  • Registration
  • Login (Apple, Facebook, Google)
  • Profile
  • Camera integration
  • Cars description forms
  • Photo History (personal, and global)
  • Accuracy Survey (yes/no)




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