Influencer platform for local markets

Find relevant influencers, manage social campaigns and measure the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing campaigns

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Marketing Platform

of Development

Business story

The idea behind the application is to create win-win relationships between influencers and merchants to boost local markets.
Stores, restaurants, and service providers can find new customers, taking advantage of the notoriety of influencers from the same geographic area.

Challenge : Build a user-friendly and attractive mobile app to connect local brands and Instagram influencers in real-time, with full compliance with the CNIL and GDPR policies.


ITFAQ designed the user experience with an intuitive interface, and then connected with an API to synchronize data from influencers' Instagram accounts. Influencers can post about the relevant product on their Instagram profiles, and instantly tag the post in the Leust platform, to associate it with a specific mission. In the professional interface, merchants have the ability to access a database of relevant influencers, including their profile, previous partnerships, rankings and follower interests. They are able to pre-select influencers, communicate with them, track their posts in real-time and manage payments in just a few clicks. The platform offers packages to merchants, for monthly or event-based partnerships, with subscription plans.

Why building an Influencer Marketing platform?
- Quickly find suitable influencers/brands
- User friendly and scalable interface
- Content Approval and posting
- Advanced filtering and Analytics

Developed features

  • Home page, Menu/Header
  • Categories selection (Industries)
  • Registration and account creation process:
    • Influencers
    • Professionals
  • Influencer Filtering tool (Followers, sector, etc.)
  • Influencer profile presentation
  • Influencer reviews and comments
  • Missions Search tool
  • Professional profile presentation
  • Presentation of the missions for influencers
  • Subscription system (for professionals)
  • Choice of subscription
  • Contacts Page
  • Footer of the page
  • FAQ
  • Profile creation
  • Company information
  • Mange campaigns
  • Creation of Missions:
    • Title
    • Company
    • Category
    • Type of mission
    • Mission Description
    • Influencers required criteria
    • Compensation
    • Schedule
  • Mission history
  • Upcoming missions
  • List of influencers applications
  • Report & Statistics
  • Dynamic agenda
  • Profile creation (Name, date of birth, address…)
  • Profile settings and modifications¬†
  • Real-time Sync with Instagram profile
  • Selection of tags (related to the sector of activity)
  • Upload of photos
  • Possibility to apply for missions (if eligible)
  • Details of missions
  • Follow-up of my missions
  • History of missions
  • My reviews / Comments pages
  • Dynamic agenda




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