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Business story

This idea was born in the minds of 3 entrepreneur friends living in Dubai, who took up the challenge to create an app to connect thousands of people in the UAE to the sports they love. The application provides access to everything you need to get in the game, from meeting playmates, discovering locations, managing public and private playgroups, booking rooms or fields, with spitted payments according to the number of team members, finding trainers.

Challenge : Design a multi-role application with complex user experiences and payment flows.


ITFAQ took the challenge and designed a completely customized mobile application with 5 interfaces according to the different roles. The user experience is articulated around 3 main activities, TRAIN (Find coaches) and PLAY (find facilities and manage team groups), and MEET (Coming soon). The system required separated but connected interfaces for coaches, facilities, users and admin panel, with the implementation of multiple specific conditions and flows. Specifics/Customized payments flows have been design especially for this app, in order to improve flexibility and facilitate user engagement. Part of the challenge was to harmonize flow between multiple users ‘payment. Tokenization is used to verify credit card validity and save payment method. The payment will be pre-approved to book the coach or facility, but it will be debited only at the start of the session.

Developed features

  • Presentation of the application
  • Registration and account creation process 
    • Users
    • Coach
  • Login introduction page
  • Partnership and sponsoring space (with local promotions) with promoting banner
  • Footer menu
  • Research tool
  • Filtering tool
  • Glocalization
  • Presentations of the different sections (Train, (Meet), Play)
  • Integration with Google +, Apple and Facebook for registration
  • Payment Gateway
  • Verification of registration information (SMS or email) 
  • Chat (user to coach – coach to user – user to user)
  • Confirmation message 
  • Privacy, Terms and conditions, Legal Notice
  • Contact Us 
  • FAQ
  • User and coach data collection
  • Picture upload
  • History of registrations
  • Add / delete profiles
  • Add / modify / delete contents
  • Add / modify / delete news and events  
  • Sponsoring and advertising management
  • Booking Management
  • List of user and coach
  • Profile to update
  • Pitch creation tool
  • Booking system
  • History of activity
  • User information (limited access)
  • Create an account
  • Edit profile (picture, location, fitness specialty…)
  • Verification of registration information (SMS or email)
  • Registration confirmation
  • My activity page, Activity History
  • Users information, notations/rating and comments management
  • Schedule management
  • Create an account (possibility to connect with Google and Facebook and Apple)
  • Verification of registration information (SMS or email) 
  • Registration confirmation
  • Data collection, machine leaning for preferences:
    • Fitness Goals
    • Fitness level
    • Preference to train with
    • Type of activity
    • Badges selection
  • My activity page
  • User feed with booking, upcoming event, achievements…
  • Notation/Rating & comments
  • Choice between 3 sections (Train,(Meet), Play)



  • 2 coaching tabs : Individual and group
  • Research tool
  • Filtering tool
  • Chat
  • Instant booking
  • Possibility to know number of participants in group session
  • Possibility to view profile of participants in group session



  • Add competition leagues
  • Filtering tool
  • Instant booking of facilities
  • Choice between different sports
  • Possibility to view number of participants in a competition
  • Glocalization of facilities
  • Booking will be blocked after maximum of participant is reach


Available soon (V2)


  • Profiles recommendation page
  • Matching tool
  • Content of the profile card :
  • Picture, Name, Age, Fitness level, Professional activity, About, User rating




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