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The rise of DevOps tactical approach has empowered organizations to be transparent, efficient and faster when developing, testing and delivering software solutions. The DevOps concept is a result of the agile methodology, that brings together development and IT operations processes, using monitoring and automation tools. By working together, teams can eliminate roadblocks and focus on improving the creation, deployment, and continuous monitoring of software.

The DevOps Services Coverage

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

“Continuous Integration” automates the way to build, package, and test applications, when “Continuous Delivery” automate the delivery in the selected infrastructure. CI/CD strategy is the best practices to automate deployment, helping developers to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably.

Continuous Monitoring (CM) and Observability

“Monitoring” consists in collecting, processing, aggregating and displaying real-time quantitative data about a system to gain visibility on its health, when “Observability” allows to diagnose the system’s internal state using Data. Automated Monitoring and Observability will collect and analyze new insights, to lead operational improvements.

AIOps and IaC

AIOps is  enables faster problem identification and resolution through root cause analysis, improved collaboration across teams, and risk-free release decisions.  It allows to automate updates, locate poorly performing configurations, and prioritize key actions faster. IaC (Infrastructure as Code), will help to instantly test new apps in production-like environments, to reduce the compatibility issues between code and infrastructure.

Automated Quality Assurance

The practice of pushing testing (code quality, application performance, and security) to the earliest stages of the development, helps to find and fix bugs and improve software quality. The test automation engineers will collaborate with the development and operations teams. This collaboration will play an important role in the development of test scripts and in maximizing test coverage, including user experience.


DevSecOps leverages the success of DevOps by bringing security awareness to the software development and delivery process. It breaks down the tension between DevOps teams that want to deliver software as quickly as possible and security experts who value security above all else.

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Key benefits of the DevOps approach

  • Constant software delivery
  • Higher teams productivity
  • Simplified management
  • Improved IT systems
  • Streamlined processes
  • Instant problem solving
  • Repetitive tasks automation

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