Infrastructure and Applications
Maintenance Services

Our historical expertise help us to offer third-party application maintenance services on your existing  infrastructure, softwares, middlewares and databases.
We have in-house L1 Engineers to solve basic issue, up to L4 engineers for complete vendor replacement services.
Advantages of using third-party
support services
Save between 50% to 70% on cost compared to support with original vendors
SLA improvement starting from 10min response time
All legacy softwares and equipment supported
Corrective maintenance
Our highly multi-skilled engineers are able to quickly identify and correct faulty parts, error reports and bugs.
Perfective maintenance
We can offer modifications, rectifications, deletions, additions to improve performance and maintainability of your infrastructure.
Proactive maintenance
We will perform continuous check-ups and correction in order to prevent future breakdowns or emergency maintenance issues.
Adaptive maintenance
This services include reconfiguration of hardware, updates in localization, alterations in the data format and integration of new and enhanced operating systems.

3 steps fast Implementation

Gathering Requirement

ITFAQ will identify your requirement and map the complete infrastructure and interaction between applications, software and databases

Onboarding Phase

For a defined period and to accomplish a smooth transition our team will start to provide support in parallel with the original vendor

Complete Third-Party Support

After the onboarding phase the full vendor replacement is launched with 100% ITFAQ quality support

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third-party support?

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