Legacy Modernization
& Migration Services

Unleash the potential of your applications

Legacy code language, Operating System, Technology, Database, Open Source Software, unsupported application…  So many reasons that can impact the performance, security or scalability of your systems.

Your can anytime decide to get it audited and find out how to modernize it. 

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Stay Up-To-Date With ITFAQ's Legacy Software
Modernization And Re-factoring Services

ITFAQ provides secure and reliable legacy software modernization and migration services.
The key to success is to ensure a seamless transition from old-fashioned software systems to up-to-date IT technologies,
using tailored migration solutions.

Modernize a System

  • Consolidation of database relationships
  • Verification of the operating system updates
  • Upgrades to the up-to-date security standards

Modernize an Application

  • Enhancement of the graphical user interface
  • Automation of business processes
  • Ensuring compatibility and integrations

Modernize an Architecture

  • Implementation of DevOps approach
  • Migration to microservices and cloud platforms
  • Simple network to increase performance

Address Upstream IT Challenges And Minimize Obsolescence Threats With ITFAQ

ITFAQ’s legacy modernization services will help you achieve greater operational agility and a better compatibility with DevOps monitoring tools. We adapt or migrate existing hybrid systems running on legacy programming languages, help businesses to embrace new technologies, and stimulate innovation.

Improve Security

Minimize Security Threats

Updated systems will simply be more resilient, more capable of self-analysis and risk detection, while reducing your technical debt.

Improve Security

Enable Big Data

Updated databases are a must to use AI and machine learning, as well as optimizing data management, compatibility, tracking and transparency.

Ensure Scalability

Modern systems will facilitates the extension, evolution and durability of your applications, ensuring system can support upcoming data.

Enhance User Engagement

Modern interfaces with intuitive user-centric experiences, complying with the latest design standards, will raise your users’ satisfaction.

Reduce Care Time and Cost

High quality code minimizes maintenance costs and time, as there are less actions to perform on clean, relevant and safe systems. 

Boost Performance

Application performance improvements range from cleaning up unnecessary lines of code to migrating from a monolithic system to the new microservices infrastructure.

Legacy Systems ITFAQ Can Help You To Modernize


Legacy Migrations Steps @ ITFAQ

Enjoy comprehensive assistance in managing the migration of your data from a legacy system to a new environment. ITFAQ has designed legacy code conversion to automated process that can guarantee the highest quality and security during the entire migration process, without any service interruption. 

1. Legitimacy &

  • Identification of the needs for migrating or modernizating?
  • Code and design analysis, via automated assessment tools
  • Migration plan and roadmap
  • 2. Re-Design & Architecture

  • Database backup, migration from current  platform to a cloud  without affecting the business
  • UI/UX Re-Design ensuring best efficiency and scalable platform
  • 3. Business Process Automation

  • Simplified operations, leaner workflows, and plans for future integrations
  • Automation of time-consuming processes and repetitive tasks
  • 4. Re-Engineering & Deployment

  • Implementation of state-of-the-art technologies, helping to monitor, refactor and deploy, based on the DevOps approach
  • Future-proof from disruption
  • Legacy Modernization Options @ ITFAQ

    Retrofit your outdated, but mainframe, applications to either cloud or on-premise hybrid platforms
    to ensure data reliability, security, scalability, agility, and operability.

    1. DataOps & MLOps

    • Moving partitioned data from legacy databases to modern cloud-based databases or lakes
    • AI and Machine Learning implementation, to streamline the entire data flow
    • Automation of collection, analysis, and valuation of data

    2. Cloud-Native Platforms

    • Adapting the relevant elements to enable the migration to the cloud, without having to sacrifice your current code and the languages used for the suitable elements
    • Connecting specific elements of existing systems to low-code, cloud-based systems via APIs to allow a better scalability

    3. Microservices & Containers

    • Bundling of configurations and legacy application code into a single object
    • Containerizing reduces operational expenses and improves application efficiency by providing scalability and lowering the risk of disruption during upgrades and migrations

    4. Serverless

    • Using a serverless cloud infrastructure allows to manage peak usage or ad hoc capacity needs without relying on your hardware resources, upgrades, cluster provisioning, maintenance, and OS monitoring
    • Allowing developers to focus on code and the architecture, without infrastructure constraints

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