A Community For Entertainment

Gathering people and festive venues

Client :


Mobile Community & Marketplace For Event


of development

Business Story

The client wanted to develop a MVP Mobile application to create a community around entertainment, and help hospitality, entertainement and events companies to digitalize. The users shall have access to all events and services, filtered by categories, and being able to buy directly tickets from the app. They can see who is participating to events and chat together. The partners will have a dedicated access to the plateform to administrate their events and offers. The venues, restaurants, bars or event companies will have a dedicated access to the plateform, to manage them page, products, offers and booking. The platform back-end to access the payment portails settings, roles management, content validation, marketing and reportings.


  • Administrative tools
  • Roles and permissions management
  • Content review and validation
  • Marketing notifications
  • Payment portails settings
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • Partner page administration
  • Event posts
  • Booking management
  • Financial page (Payments, Statements)
  • Sales reports
  • User profile
  • Booking history, favorite places, events suggestions
  • Event catalog filtered by prices, ambiance, locations…
  • Online booking and payment
  • Rate, Like, Comment on vendors, Report issues
  • View other participants