IT Consultancy



The consultancy expertise of ITFAQ ranges from operational IT audits and penetration tests to developing new business strategies and coordinating complex transitions, upgrades and system integration with IT infrastructures and datacentres. We provide flexible staffing to meet our clients temporary or long-term IT specialist needs.

Strategic IT

Hiring an external consultant will help you take look at your business with a distinct perspective. Strategic opportunities most often are hidden right in front of you and together with our experts you can identify these sparkling gold nuggets. Whether it is about increasing efficiency and adjusting processes, or developing new lines of business, it is convenient to have someone who can advise about service providers and asses vendors, with a track record of transitions in similar cases.

The numerous technology solutions that companies such as Emerson, APC, Quantum, NUTANIX, HUAWEI, SYMANTEC, or ORACLE offer to improve business processes result in so many options that it can be overwhelming. What drives us, is to compose the most suitable automation and hardware solutions to make your business run even better.

Finding someone who understands your business needs and has the right project management skills is not easy. We have that kind of people working with us. In case we cannot make a direct match, we have an extended network of consultants and will help you select the most excellent candidates.

Operational consultancy

  • IT Audits
  • Project Management
  • Outsourching

Due to increasing automatization IT audits are more often required by internal and external stakeholders. Nowadays the most valuable assets in an organization are information based, the knowledge on operational processes and organizational learning, are just as important aspects as securing privacy sensitive information. Complying with best reference standards, industry specific or management system standards becomes a must to stay in the game. Our experts can perform general control reviews, or audit certain operational aspects such as system and applications, information processing, systems development, IT infrastructure, or telecommunications.

We help you outsourcing of IT Engineers and IT specialists for operational consultancy as well. Think of application support, technical support or help desk, and database management and telecommunications. Onboard expertise while reducing costs with our flexible staffing approach.