IT Security



ITFAQ provides network, website and IT security consulting services, with specialization in IT security auditing and penetration testing. Organizations trust us to identify security challenges and manage their threat environment.

• Rapid response time
• Expert security talent, not associate level resources
• Services customized to your environment
• Strategic recommendations to reduce exposure
• Applicable to organizations of all sizes

IT Security Audit

Effectively securing your computer or network environment begins with a comprehensive IT security audit. An audit ensures your organization has in place necessary safeguards, protocols and technologies to manage access and protect data.

ITFAQ's professional IT Security Audit services include:

• Cyber security framework review and mapping
• PCI DSS audit
• SOC2/SOC3 reporting
• Risk management & compliance
• Internal and external network access
• Wireless access
• Written policies

Services are fully customized to match your compliance environment. It's the ultimate tool to help you validate the maturity and robustness of your security infrastructure. You gain benefits of added security effectiveness, simplified compliance and reduced long term costs.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing simulates real-world attack scenarios against your network, as a tool to gather actionable intelligence to identify weaknesses that threaten your systems, intellectual property and confidential data.

Penetration Testing from ITFAQ includes testing for:

• Network penetration
• Web app penetration
• Wireless penetration
• Physical penetration
• Social engineering

You should conduct penetration testing every time you upgrade, modify or implement new network infrastructure or applications, modify end user policies or activate a new physical office location.

Professional IT Security Consulting & Services
Please contact us with your questions or to schedule a consultation. We'll discuss your IT security needs and outline solutions tailored to your environment.