Software Development

Customized business software and applications are key to your ability to compete in the 21st century marketplace. ITFAQ specializes in software design and development for organizations of all sizes, to increase your efficiency, improve agility and optimize performance.

  • Powerful business software and app solutions
  • Customized performance
  • All industries and sectors
  • On-time and on-budget delivery

In addition to full-cycle custom software development, we provide maintenance and platform-based customization, precisely suited to your needs.

Application Development & Integration

Tell us the performance you're looking for and we can innovate software solutions that will power your organization to achieve its goals. Our Application Development & Integration team provides quality solutions across the full spectrum of technologies and platforms, including:

• Back end and desktop: .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, C++
• Front end: HTML5, CSS3, JS
• Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Our process is optimized for success. We listen to your needs, examine your industry and market context, and innovate solutions designed to exceed your goals. All functions are produced in-house and we communicate with you during the process, to ensure the project never strays from your specifications.

Mobile Development

Mobile is the future, your organization needs to migrate resources and capabilities to the mobile environment to stay relevant and connected. We are able to develop and design mobile apps that simultaneously deliver a single, comprehensive and appealing user experience, while meeting your organizational performance objectives.
Supported target environments include:

• Android 4.1
• iOS5
• iPad
• Symbian
• Apache
• Cordova
• Xamarin
• Silverlight
• XNA for Windows Phone
• Adobe Air
• JavaME
• Webwork


MenuPlus is our in-house developed app that is now used in hundreds of hotels, restaurants and stores around the world. Guests can order services, shop on site and interface with resort functions easily from their mobile device:
• No download or app installation required
• Micros OPERA and Simphony compatible
• GPS/NFC tag localization available
• E-payment gateway integration
• Multiple languages
• Simplified and improved guest experience
• Added revenue
• Boosted productivity

Platform compatibility is a major benefit to users. MenuPlus integrates completely with both OPERA and Oracle Hospitality Simphony, with full support for those apps' built-in enterprise point-of-sale and back office functionality. The combination efficiently supports a wide range of food and beverage operations.

Contact us for a demonstration and learn why leading hospitality organizations use MenuPlus to enhance their operations.